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April, 1916. For the rich and famous that comprise the Bombay Presidency, the destination of choice is Matheran. You either journey on the new great Indian peninsular railway upto Neral, hop on to the unique toy train with its steam locomotive (perhaps, even hire a luxurious 12- seater special rail car with its own-in-built steam engine) or sail across the Thane creek, camp the night at Panvel and trek to Matheran the next morning completing the last leg. As many as 175 bungalows readied a week earlier by a retinue of servants, will see action for a month or so. Some sedate like a morning walk, a picnic in the shade, an afternoon siesta, reading, writing, watching the sunrise & set or an evening tea party. Some more energetic actions - like an exhilarating horse ride, a quaint lawn tennis tournament in the shade, a grand banquet or even a masquerade ball as a guest of the Governor General.

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