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Ranking high in one's memory along with the views, hospitality and sundry recreational, after a stay at the Lord's is the meals. Not only for its excellent home cooked taste, but also for its service, planning and sheer variety. For the last 80 years, every meal of every day has been given the same detailed involvement that a homemaker gives her family for meals. Breakfasts are of the 3-course English variety, lunch and dinner complete with desserts, are 4-course spreads, varying between Indian or Continental served with appropriate linen, cutlery and crockery, in the authentic style by uniformed waiters, in the sprawling dining room at a table specially laid out for you. Your morning and evening tea however, are served at your room verandah complete with cookies and biscuits. Special occasions warrant a fabulous poolside barbeque or buffet dinner with music and lights. And all this for the price of the room. Now, in all honesty, are you really likely to forget the meals at the Matheran?

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