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  Alexander Point, Matheran
It is on the Madhavji Road which is just about 1 km. from the Post Office. From here one can see Garbut Point, Towers of Bhivpuri Power House, Karjat Palasdari Lake, Borgaon Village, Rambaug Point.
Charlotte Lake, Matheran
Charlotte Lake is about 2 kms from the Post Office has beautiful scenery and greenery.
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        A mid the green Jambol forest, situated at 803 metres (2,636 ft.) above sea level, Matheran is the most splendid hill-station in Maharashtra. It covers an area of 8 square kilometres in Sahyadris. Its pastoral beauty is especially pristine thanks to a blanket motor transport ban.
        This lovely spot was discovered in 1850 by Hugh Poyntz Malet, the collector of Thane district. He was camping around the village of Chowk, when on a hill top he stopped for a drink of a water from a spring - which still bears his name.
        The light railway line was constructed by M/s. Adamji Pirbhoy in 1907 and was worked by an agency called the Matheran Steam Light Tramway Co. Ltd., Bombay. The Government authorised the construction, maintenance and working of the line by the promoter, while Government land was provided free of cost.

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